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Jo Powell

Herbalist, Naturalist & Educator 


The Northwest School of Herbalism*

Offering Classes in the Art and Science of Medicinal Herbalism


We have presented classes locally and nationally for over 15 years. 

We are known for delivering fun, knowledgeable and engaging courses.

Grounded in traditional western folk and contemporary community herbalism then fortified with elements of international herbalism, we offer classes for those who wish to study botanical medicine in Northwest Oregon.  We frequently offer herb classes in the Portland, Oregon and Salem, Oregon areas.

Our curriculum is structured so participants will develop a sound holistic foundation preparing them to confidently and responsibly implement botanical or herbal medicine into their personal and professional lives.

Join us for a pleasurable, interactive and alternative adult learning opportunity as we explore, revere and celebrate the unique world of botanical medicine.


one-day classes             apprenticeship


Please note that we are currently sabbatical



Creative Learning Options 

Private Classes & Study Groups In Your Home

Organize a single class or an ongoing study group yourself, manage all the registration and host it at your house and you get to attend for free! 

This is how it works: You do all the organizing for a private class by recruiting and confirming registration with your friends, family, co-workers, etc., who would like to take a class. As a group you select the subject matter (see class list under apprenticeship) and determine the depth/intensity of lecture and the length of time which customizes the class for your group's needs and interests. Then you host it at your house and you get to attend for free.  Here are the basic parameters: Five people minimum, including the host. Date, time, subject matter and preferably the location must be preset.  Estimate $40-100 per person depending upon the subject matter, depth & length of lecture, hands on materials, handouts, etc. Generally speaking the more people who are pre-enrolled & pre-paid in the class, the lower the fee per person. This way the teacher comes to you and you learn in the private setting of your choice. 


Why study herbal medicine?

For all of time people across the globe have used plants as medicine. Botanical medicine has had a place in every traditional system of medicine that has ever been, and it continues as an individual modality today. It is a practice founded in holism and nature. Medicinal herbalism can be utilized to achieve a profoundly proactive and personalized approach to wellness. With accurate information one can employ a variety of plants that can prevent, lessen or overcome various health conditions. It is a uniquely self-empowering modality.

Who studies herbal medicine?

Many different people are drawn to study herbal medicine. For some there is an inexplicable and magical connection to plant medicine. On the other hand, some people are very empirically minded and want to study herbalism through the lens of the scientist. Some people strive for independence from the world of medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs. Others who know plants through the environmental, culinary or gardening worlds might like to learn more about the medicinal nature of their green allies. There is no one formula for study and no one type of person who becomes an herbalist. What all herbalists have in common is an immense awe, fascination and respect for plants in general and specifically for plants as medicine.



In Loving Memory of

Deborah Evind

Teacher, Mentor, Feminist, Friend, Neighbor...

You will be missed by so many


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website or in any of our classes is intended to replace the

recommendations of a licensed medical practitioner.      

If you have health questions or concerns seek professional help.


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