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Offering classes and apprenticeships, the Northwest School of Herbalism serves the communities of Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington with class locations in the Portland and Salem Metro areas. We have presented classes locally and nationally for over 16 years and we have developed a trustworthy reputation throughout our community. We are known for delivering fun, knowledgeable and engaging courses. Our classes are designed for folks seeking competent community or lay herbalist training and for those who live in and enjoy the plants of the Pacific North West.

A big name for a very little and unprentetious school, the NWSH was founded in the wise woman herbal traditions that we've been immersed in for over 20 years.  We aren’t trying to re-invent the herbal education wheel so-to-speak, we simply endeavor to carry on our distinguished western herbal traditions by providing competent training for community or lay herbalists in NW Oregon.

More than just a business or profession, our deepest respect for western folk herbal education, its elders and ancestors is instilled into our life’s work.  We honor the craft of herbalism celebrating it as an encompassing holistic, alternative and eclectic lifestyle choice.  We take our job as herbal educators very seriously but we also try to have loads of fun in the process.  We value your business and will do everything within reason to make your herb school experience the best it can be.

Our farm is located rurally in the beautiful Eola Hills area of Yamhill County just north of Salem and south of McMinnville.  We have been living and growing Green long before the current trend and we are committed to producing quality herbs and produce through sustainable and organic style farming methods. 

We look forward to continuing to serve you herbally. 

Thank you for all of your support.

May the green world bless you and yours.


Jo & Ken


Jo Powell is the school director and primary instructor.

Ken Nelly manages the farm operations. 


Classes are regularly offered in and around Portland and Salem and through

Portland Community College and Chemeketa Community College

Community Education departments. 


Ken, Gaia and Jo


Michael Roland Shaw Moore

January 9, 1941 - February 20, 2009
Husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, friend, teacher, musician, herbalist.

So very beloved.



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