One Day Classes  offered through Portland Community College PCC

One Day Classes  offered through Chemeketa Community College CCC

Here at NWSH we don’t handle registration for any classes held at the community colleges.  Enrollment and registration occurs through the colleges.  The tuition fees for these classes are payable directly to the colleges.  For classes where a lab fee or materials fee are indicated those fees are in addition to college tuition and are payable according to each college’s policies: At CCC the lab fee is now included and collected in the fees at the time of registration.  At PCC fees are payable to the instructor on the day of class in cash or check only.  PCC will not accept payment for the lab fee or materials fee.


One Day Classes    offered throughout the community

We have offered one-day classes in and around Portland and NW Oregon for over 14 years! Over those years we have developed a trustworthy reputation throughout the community and are known for delivering knowledgeable and engaging courses. These classes are great introductions to the world of herbal medicine.


We now only offer private apprenticeships.

Email us to find out about registration.







Work Study


Annually we will accept applications to fill one or two partial work study positions. We process requests for these positions on a first-come basis. This is  not a scholarship.  These positions were created to satisfy two needs:

1) to assist students who genuinely have a financial need and who have less money than time, so please don’t apply if you can truly afford the tuition or are too busy to committ to WS hours. 

2) to assist us in the upkeep and development of our property, please don’t apply if you aren’t serious about working. 

In exchange for a partial tuition wavier the duties of the work study student will primarily involve gardening and farming chores such as weeding, watering, potting plants, harvesting produce, preparing produce for market and so forth.  See the Gardening Class description.  The reality is that most of the time your chores will be hand weeding the garden.  At times this can be a tedious and labor intensive position, however for those interested in generalized gardening and specifically the growing and production phases of a small market garden this provides invaluable hands-on experience. Additionally, we may ask work study students to help out in other ways such as running errands, putting up fliers or performing office chores.  The work study discount cannot be combined with any other offer.

On a case by case basis, a limited number of small work study positions will be awarded for other skills or goods to exchange.

Indicate your interest in the Work Study position when filling out your registration form.  We will contact you to schedule an interview.



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